The Emotional Labor Union
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Washington, DC


Washington, DC

The ELU DC Chapter

The first IRL meeting of The Emotional Labor Union took place in September 2017 in Washington, DC creating a safe space to talk about feminist issues, engaging the community and emphasizing self-care. More on the mission of the ELU and its 4 core values here


community irl

Face to face communication is the single best way to make authentic relationships with others. We all want to be loved and respected and this format re-centers our shared humanity. Participants have an opportunity to use their voices as power, hold each other accountable and support one another. Apart from the empowering nature of the discussion, participants usually walk away with new friends. Join us at our next DC event!

Meet the Founder

In the summer of 2017 it dawned on Casey that on her long list of priorities she was unwittingly putting herself last and she suspected this was the case for so many women. She created the ELU in the hopes of helping women think critically about their roles in society in order to make important change. Raising up women and creating community has become her life's work. 

Casey Stewart Upton


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There is tremendous power in sharing your thoughts and stories with the world. Through our blog we are de-stigmatizing taboos, making connections and helping others feel part of a community through shared experiences. Want to share your thoughts/story! Submit your blog posts hereParticipate in the discussion from anywhere