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Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, CA

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The LBC Chapter is the FIRST West Coast edition to the ELU family. Charlie Heck hopes to help Casey’s dream grow with the addition of this new chapter! This new space will continue the DC chapter’s mission to provide a safe space to talk about issues that face us and explore how we can use our voices as power.


Community IRL

Digital-divide, toxic social media but totally here for a strong internet community. Now, let’s take it to IRL conversations about issues that affect us. That's what makes the ELU so great! We come together over wine and non-wine beverages in an open space to just talk. I hope that this chapter of the ELU can help bring us SoCal ladies some balance, a place to meet others and amplify our voices together!

Charlie Heck

Meet the facilitator

Charlie joined The ELU as their digital and social media strategist in 2018. She runs Checkmark Creative, a small business creative agency based in Long Beach, CA. She previously spent over 8 years fighting the good fight in Washington, DC, where she met Casey. As a progressive born into a conservative family, she uses her talents and voice to push the platform the Emotional Labor Union gives us all. She also runs Lady Hikers - a super fun hiking resource for all!

‘Casey’s mission and passion with The ELU is contagious! There is nothing better than really being able to talk about real issues in a collaborative space. It’s the best form of group therapy I’ve ever been a part of! Self care FOR THE WIN!’

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As a progressive born into a conservative family, I would like to use my skills, privilege and voice to push the platform the Emotional Labor Union strives to give us all. Together our voices are so powerful.

I’m so excited to learn and grow in a community I’ve come to love in a very short time!


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