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Hampton Roads, VA


Hampton Roads, VA

The Emotional Labor Union Hampton Roads VA Chapter

The Hampton Roads Chapter of the ELU is the newest addition to the ELU family. Leelynn Brady hopes to help Casey’s dream grow with the addition of a new chapter that continues to provide women the avenue and encouragement to speak up and use their voices as power.

ELU Hampton Roads

community irl

Community IRL is all about having a support system that you can turn to both on and off the screen. It's great to have a network of women to come to online, but sometimes it's best to come together and just talk. That's what makes the ELU so perfect! Not only do you get a chance to be out in the real world with real women that engage in amazing discussions, but you also have a chance to meet potential new friends. I hope that the women of the Hampton Roads area - or even all of Virginia - will find a sense of community with the ELU. Join us IRL at our next Hampton Roads event


Leelynn Brady is an island girl living on the East Coast. Born and raised in Hawaii, and having lived on Guam for another five years, she is still getting used to this new thing called “seasons” in Suffolk, Virginia. She liked seeing snow for the first time but is not a fan of driving in it. She is currently an Executive Administrator for Agape Travel & Tours, and a Workplace Assistant at Aloha Independent Living Hawaii. Along with working on her Criminal Justice degree, she was recently appointed as the Director of Advocacy for the Urban League of Hampton Roads Young Professionals. She has learned to multitask at a young age, and it has worked out well for her! 

However, Leelynn knew that she wanted to get involved in the ELU, going as far as starting her own chapter in the Hampton Roads area. She owes this leap of faith to the ELU Founder Casey Upton, who she had the opportunity to meet in person at the Women Empower Expo 2018 in Washington, DC. She would also like to thank her mother for being her number one role model.

Leelynn Brady



"I find that I have a lot to say on certain things. So the best outlet for me is having a blog to write down all my thoughts in a cohesive manner. Here, you'll find my thoughts on my journey with The Emotional Labor Union, from meeting Casey for the first time in Washington, DC, to making the jump to start this newest chapter here in Virginia. I'll also share my thoughts on the different topics we will be discussing. Join me in my journey of self-discovery, and I hope you'll allow me to join you in yours."


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