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The ELU brings people together in real life who prioritize being intentional and carving out time and space to devote to knowing themselves and others better. This is a group that provides love, support and where no question or opinion is off-limits.

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The Emotional Labor Union: The Commodification of Feminism

  • The Lemon Collective 3015 Georgia Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20001 United States (map)
Shopping is shopping and political action is political action, and no matter what anyone says, it’s very hard to blend the two in a sincere way that actually results in the kind of political change we so desperately need.
— Aminatou Sow

Feminism is a lens through which to view the world. Critical thinking is key. Now that the movement is officially 'cool' we've seen a shift from the political to a persuasive tactic to get us to consume more products. Some argue that feminism has been co-opted to be a qualifier signaling to the consumer that a product will empower them. In this discussion we'll examine the following questions:

  • How has advertising changed over the years from couching women in singular identities (mother, wife, good woman, etc) to selling us empowerment and is that better?
  • Are we losing sight of the important political movement in exchange for Instagrammable feminist attire?
  • Are we allowing advertisers to give us a false sense of individual empowerment?
  • Does marketplace feminism have our best interests at heart?
  • Do you own feminist apparel? How does it make you feel?

Join us for a critical-thinking extravaganza on ways marketplace feminism affects us and make our own decisions on what's right for us as a movement! As always there will be wine, snacks, goody bags and a good time!*

The Emotional Labor Union is a monthly feminist discussion group that welcomes anyone who identifies as female. Tickets/membership is required for each event, become a member here or purchase your ticket here.

* This event will be recorded and potentially made into a podcast. All participants will have an opportunity to remain anonymous if they so choose.