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The Emotional Labor Union: Gender Pay Gap

  • The Lemon Collective 3015 Georgia Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20001 United States (map)
The Emotional Labor Union: Gender Pay Gap

Fact: Women with graduate and undergraduate degrees represent about 50% of the workforce

Fact: Women are often the sole or co-breadwinner in 40% of American families with children

Fact: Women outpace men in educational achievement

Fact: Women control the majority of household spending

Fact: Despite the above accomplishments, for every $1 a man earns, the gender wage breaks down to:

  • $.87 = Asian-American Women
  • $.79 = Caucasian Women
  • $.63 = African-American/Black Women
  • $.57 = Native American Women
  • $.54 = Latina Women

The wage gap has stagnated since 2007 and, on average, the gap in earnings translates to about $10,086 each year, leaving women and their families shortchanged and stressed out. While the enforcement of the Equal Pay Act, civil rights laws, and access to reproductive health care have helped chip away at the wage gap, it’s essential that we continue to demand equal pay for equal work.

Join us for an intersectional discussion on the gender wage gap where we’ll unpack:

  • Occupational Segregation: when work in female-dominated fields is valued less than work in male-dominated fields
  • How women are traditionally more likely to do unpaid housework and caregiving and take more parental leave than men
  • The impact of conscious and unconscious gender and racial bias
  • The action steps we can take at work like negotiating for our worth, discussing our salaries, and help to lift and educate other women
  • The action steps we can take at home to create a more balanced division of household labor

As always there will be wine, snacks, goody bags and a good time!*

The Emotional Labor Union is a monthly feminist discussion group that welcomes anyone who identifies as female. Tickets/membership is required for each event, become a member here or purchase your ticket here.

* This event will be recorded and potentially made into a podcast. All participants will have an opportunity to remain anonymous if they so choose.