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The ELU is a safe space and a platform to talk about your experiences. Devoting time to critical thinking and interaction empowers us to sharpen our speaking skills and define the source of our feelings as well as reminds us we have voices that deserve to be heard.

Voices as Power

Posts tagged feminism
Confession: I Compromised My Feminist Values

Feeling the pressure to come up with a gift guide right before Black Friday since “everyone else is doing it” and it was an opportunity to earn a little extra money from affiliate links. Trust me, I had good intentions when I created the feminist gift guide, but I got hella lost on WHY I created it and, more important, what it reflected of my personal and professional brand.

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The Power of Witnessing and Being Witnessed

Recently Hank and I started attending couples therapy. There’s a lot of love between us but there are things we need help navigating. Hank did NOT want to go. In fact, due to a traumatic experience in his childhood he was convinced that all therapists were bad. Time and again we circled back around to the same issues and he finally agreed to go with me.

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Gender Wage Gap Lessons When You’re The Boss

While the current political climate is less than desirable, conditions for women at work seem to be improving (if we ignore #MeToo for a moment), for instance, did you know that women with graduate and undergraduate degrees represent about 50% of the workforce?

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Selling feminism: March's discussion event recap

While preparing for this discussion I was laser focused on what it is the ELU is trying to do. Are we trying to commodify a movement? Are we no better than the commercials and ads we see on TV? I want the ELU to give me and the women involved a purpose - the change we want to be in the world - not just a means to a monetary end.

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#metoo - a review

I was about 12-years-old the first time I went to a concert. My friend’s family was going to Summerfest, Wisconsin’s yearly music festival, and we saw Brandy. It was AMAZING! Her parents let us go to the show alone, meeting up with them afterward. We wandered around on cloud nine after having such a grown-up experience and saw Hootie and the Blowfish playing a couple stages down! About two songs in I felt a hand on my butt. I froze. My friend’s father was standing directly behind me; his hand cupping me.

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